Take care of the plant. The plant will take care of you.

In a concrete jungle, where the artificial is inexorably overhanging the natural, Coera represents the huge importance of human interaction with nature. This vessel, made from designer Carmine Deganello’s 100% natural resin, is the voice of nature. With the use of Arduino and a few essential electronic components, the plant inside is able to communicate its feelings to the user. 

By gently touching the plant a coloured light turns on. The light is blue if the soil is perfectly wet, red if too dry and green if too wet. This educational project increases our awareness that nature is life and reminds us that it is to be unconditionally respected.

This project was designed by a team of students studying at Politecnico di Milano, Italy – Hortense Tollu, Gianmarco Boschi, Molly Coombs Marr and Luca Negro. The project was made possible by Paul Hauner's incredibly innovative programming skills.